Holiday French

Have you ever struggled to book a table, decipher the menu or chat with the locals on your holidays in France?

Do you find yourself resorting to improvised sign language, pointing, waving and repeating the same handful of words that got you through school exams, but don’t seem to get you anywhere in France?

How often do you promise yourself it’ll be different next time, but despite all the handy free apps you’ve downloaded, your good intentions fizzle out faster than the bubbles in your holiday champagne?

Rediscover your motivation, have fun preparing for your next trip and enjoy that holiday feeling any time of year with a Fleur de Liz holiday French course.

Call 0113 217 9687 or email to explore the options for a personalised course designed just for you – or read on to find out about the general six week holiday French course that you can take on your own or with a group of friends.

Holiday French in six weeks

This is a general holiday French course, perfect for preparing for your next visit to France. As with all Fleur de Liz French courses, our flexibility is the key to your success. Learn where you want, with whoever you want, when you want, subject to availability.

Here’s what’s included in the general six-week holiday course:

  • Week 1: Basic expressions, travel, arrival and departure.
  • Week 2: Accommodation, including checking in and out, paying the bill and dealing with problems.
  • Week 3: Food and drink, covering table reservations, understanding the menu, ordering and paying.
  • Week 4: Sightseeing and entertainment, including directions, tourist information, culture and nightlife.
  • Week 5: Shopping, including getting the right size, trying things on, finding local delicacies and souvenirs.
  • Week 6: Health, including emergencies and visiting the doctor, dentist or pharmacy.

Where do lessons take place?

Fleur de Liz is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire and all lessons take place in reasonable travelling distance of the city, including for example, Harrogate, Ilkley, Otley and Garforth.

The exact location of the course depends on the number of learners in your group.  You may find that you learn best on your own or you may find learning is more fun when you take lessons with your family or friends.  Call Fleur de Liz on 0113 217 9687 or email to talk about your requirements, including your preferred time, place and level of French.

After an initial discussion and meeting to agree the course location, you may decide to meet in a public place such as your favourite coffee bar for daytime lessons or your favourite wine bar for a relaxed authentic French evening with a social feel. Small groups of learners sometimes take turns to host the lessons in their own homes over morning coffee, afternoon tea or with cheese and wine in the evenings. After you get to know your tutor and the course is underway, you may be invited to continue lessons in the tutor’s home once you both feel comfortable with that arrangement.

Holiday courses with a special focus

Did you know that France is home to some of the most characterful antiques, each region having its own unique style and materials as different as the local cheese? There are antique shops, fairs and markets to discover all year round and all you need is a bit of confidence in the language to bag yourself a bargain. We can’t guarantee to find you any treasure, but we can design the right course to help you on your hunt through ‘les brocantes’ of France.

What is it about France that makes you want to go back again and again? Do you have a special interest or focus that you’d love to explore? Contact Fleur de Liz on 0113 217 9687 or email and let us create a personalised holiday French course ready for your next trip.